The Mojito Matata


60ml White Rum

30ml Cointreau

1 lime

2-3 spoonfuls of sugar

thumb of ginger



1. Slice a lime in half and squeeze one half into a bowl. Put the other half to one side

2. In another bowl, place a few spoonfuls of sugar

3. Rim the glass by dipping the rim in the lime bowl, making sure the rim is covered, and then dipping it in the sugar bowl. Make sure to leave some lime juice and sugar for later.

4. Next, in a cocktail shaker, add the ice, white rum and Cointreau

5. Grate the ginger into the shaker

6. Shake and strain into the glass

7. Add the ice from the shaker

8. Top with the remaining lime juice and sugar from the bowls used in Step 1 and 2

9. Garnish with ripped mint leaves and a slice of lime